"Our experience with Nethaniel as our G.C. runs contrary to every story you hear about home construction and contractors."


“Our experience with Nethaniel as our G.C. runs contrary to every story you hear about home construction and contractors.

He's hardworking, trustworthy, communicative, and very open about every step of the process. Through it all you can tell he loves what he does and that he cares about the project - in this case our custom home. We might well be a contractor's nightmare: very curious, very involved, and very particular.

Nethaniel has done an unbelievable amount of work researching and pricing - from the special wrap to accommodate the exterior foam insulation to the ventilation needs of a tight house to the most beautiful windows in the world.

His aesthetic can be relied on, and he will tell you if there's a better way to do something. His crew is polite and hardworking. The subs he works with are top notch. When we visit the site it is well maintained and professional, very much built with care. Building our home has been a joy.

Cathlin Sentz


“Nethaniel came to our home promptly when we first called. He was very professional, helpful and kind. He understood our desires—two additions and some remodeling.

He brought in an architect who was able to design just what we had in mind. He had a contract very soon and it was quite reasonable. He was able to work within our time frame. Ealy construction has a great team, rather than using various subs.

All were very professional, skilled, clean, and respectful of our home and our life in the construction zone. Glitches were minor and readily fixed with no additional costs to us. The completed project is super. Top quality and workmanship.

We are thrilled and happy to recommend Ealy Construction most heartily. Nethaniel has contacted us several times and come by twice to be sure all is well. He is super; you will be delighted.

Dwight Brown




Nethaniel and his crew did an incredible job with our Taphouse, from the early stages of demo to rebuilding exactly the way we wanted. He was punctual and communicative, and found many ways to accomplish our job that saved us money. He also has a great aesthetic eye and we relied on his opinion heavily for many of the details that make our place look so polished. Highly recommend!
— cdcohen

Nethaniel is unusual for a contractor on several levels. First of all he is a very good consultant on what is best structurally as well as aesthetically. He and his workers are a delight to have in and around the house. Most important I always trust him to be honest and to operate with integrity in all my dealings with him.

We have had Ealy Enterprises roof our house, finish the porch, structurally fix a sagging garage roof, paint internally and externally and perform various internal and external renovations. I highly recommend them.



Every member of the Ealy Construction team, beginning with owner Nethaniel, provided us with top-quality, professional and on-budget work. We love our kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and appreciated the team's attention to detail and quality in every phase. Our satisfaction really mattered to Ealy Construction, and we're delighted with their work. Highest recommendation.

Sydney Rozen


I had an opportunity to use Ealy for a new roof and I found out that what others have said about them was true. They were very professional and went above and beyond to make sure the job was done properly. I tend to ask a lot of questions and they were very patient with me to make sure I understood all the work that was going to be done, options, pricing, scheduling, and any followup work that I wanted done. I would not hesitate to use Ealy again for any work, and I have called them for referrals to other work that they don't perform.



Nethaniel Ealy is pleasant, straightforward, professional, and he and his crew do great work. I appreciate getting straight, honest answers from Nethaniel and knowing that he won't cut corners.



We have had an amazing experience working with Nethaniel, not just once but several times. We had the air conditioner break down in our office in the heat of summer. He not only fixed it promptly but in the mean time he installed window air conditioners in each operatory to keep my patients comfortable. Honestly, saving the day if not week of cancelling patients.

Once we saw his hard work ethic, we signed him up to do a retaining wall next to our home and a new front porch. All done beautifully and ahead of schedule. If Nethaniel isn't working on the project himself, he regularly comes and checks it at the end of the day. You can't beat that kind of service. We will soon be hiring him to remodel our laundry room and an addition to our home.

Jill Werner


Ealy Enterprises is one of the best I’ve worked with. We have rental properties in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Nethaniel Ealy is the contractor we use exclusively in Idaho. He is very capable, honest, punctual & detail oriented. He can access problems and determine practical solutions. Also, he is fast to respond and does what he says he’s going to do, in the time estimated.



I hired Nethaniel's company to build a deck in the front of my house and add a door to my garage. The deck turned out beautifully.

All of his workers are very professional and personable. They are on time and once your job is started they all stick with it to completion. I am extremely happy with the quality of the work. After all was done, Nethaniel stopped by to make sure all the work was up to the quality that he expected.

I highly recommend Ealy Enterprises....prices are fair and the work is excellent.



Nethaniel worked on my kitchen remodel. He was professional, affordable, left a clean job site, and was great to have at the house. I'd hire him again.

Jerry Owen


We have had a fence installed and garage re-roofed, and have hired them to give the outside of our vintage home a face lift. Mr. Ealy is easy to work with, and inspires trust--something priceless these days! We have been more than happy with the work done, and look forward to seeing the finished product in a few weeks!

David & Deborah Beauchamp


Ealy Enterprises provided contracting and labor for 1) minor renovation following house flooding, and 2) refinishing existing cabinetry. The work provided was excellent, but what really sets him apart was 1) his ability to communicate the work to the lay-person, and 2) his willingness to take and incorporate our input. I highly recommend Ealy Enterprises!



Nethaniel did an exceptional job remodeling our bathroom. He found plumbing problems that needed fixing which might have caused flooding if they had not been fixed and we have a beautiful bathroom. I do not hesitate to recommend Ealy Enterprises to others.



We are very pleased with the work Ealy Construction has done for us and very impressed with Nethaniel and his company. He was with us from start to finish and beyond ( with follow up contact to be sure all is well). He came to the house promptly when we first called and was very kind helpful and professional. He worked with our ideas and brought in an architect who came up with great designs for two additions and some remodeling. He delivered a good and quite reasonable contract and worked to suit our time frame and needs.

Ealy has their own team, rather than relying on uncertain subs. Everyone was clean, neat, pleasant and highly skilled. They showed great respect for our home and our lives in the construction zone.

Work was top quality. A few minor glitches were dealt with readily and at no additional cost to us. We love what has been done.

Nethaniel has called a number of times and been by twice to check up on the work. WOW. This is great service and shows his commitment to his work and to his clients. We are very impressed and recommend him most highly with no concerns.

Dwight and Cathy Brown


I've hired Nethaniel and his associates to do a number of jobs. In one he installed four ceiling-to-floor windows that transformed the room -- did a wonderful job. In another he remodeled and fully tiled a guest bathroom and guests, and others, invariably comment on what a unique and comfortable space it is. In one of his smaller jobs he created a spice rack between two studs in our kitchen. His design included a faux arch and trim that add just the right touch, very nice and always draws complements.



Ealy Enterprises is easily the best contracting service I have hired. As a property manager, I deal with contractors of all kinds. Ealy Enterprises always provides a comprehensive bid with photos describing the work and sticks to it. They are flexible and on time. I would recommend Ealy Enterprises over most in the Palouse area.



I've used Ealy Enterprises on several of my house remodels. They are punctual, professional, polite and have come in within budget each time. I will use them again for any of my home modifications.



Nethaniel and his team replaced a tub surround. They did a great job. The sheetrock and floor trim look great. The paint job is very professional. They were timely and courteous to work with. Once his team completed the job, Nethaniel came to inspect it to make sure he was satisfied with the work.



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