Our Process

Remodeling your home or business doesn’t need to be stressful. Whether it’s your first remodel or your fifth, we’ve simplified the entire process to make your next project easy and enjoyable:

STEP 1. Give us a call.

A quick, no pressure call about your ideas gets the ball rolling. If you have features you’d like to include or a budget you’re working within, let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.

During this call we’ll walk you through our process and see if we would be a good fit for working with each other. If we are, we’ll schedule a time to visit you and walk through your space together.

STEP 2. We visit you and provide a free estimate

We'll visit your home and see the space you would like to remodel. A typical meeting takes less than an hour.

We’ll ask questions, listen a lot, and get to know each other. We want to be your guide through the entire process.

We’ll talk with you about how you use the space and what features you would like to include, establish the full scope of the remodel, and determine how it will tie into the existing house. If any special accommodations are required for children, pets, hours of work, or access to the home, we talk with you about it and make sure we have a plan to work with you.

7-10 business days after our meeting, we provide you with a proposal to establish a rough price estimate for the project. Our estimate is all inclusive - everything is covered from the cost of materials and labor to taxes and cleanup. We don’t gloss over any expenses that will impact your wallet. We’ve found that this creates a much more straightforward and stress free experience for our customers.

We answer any questions you may have via email and phone until you feel comfortable moving forward.

STEP 3. We design your space.

When you’re happy with our proposal and ready to move forward, we start the pre-construction process. Our designer will create 3D renderings and plans for a beautiful space to fit your needs and budget. We will cost out everything that is required in the project from start to finish so you know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost.

You will know:

  • Exactly what you’re getting and exactly what you’ll pay to get it done.

  • Every single material selection (We mean everything, down to the color and style of a paper towel holder).

  • How long the project will take.

  • An exact scope of the job - This includes a written description of everything that is included in the project.

There is no obligation to use us for construction or to move forward at this point. If you need to put the project on hold or decide to work with another contractor, we are happy to provide the completed designs to you for a fee.

STEP 4. We review the details together.

We review the details of the project from top to bottom and put them in writing. Clarity is kindness, so we make our agreements straightforward and transparent.

With everything down in writing, we draft and sign a construction agreement. At the time the agreement is signed, we request a down payment to allow us to schedule your job and order materials required for it. The dollar amount of a down payment depends on the project, it is typically between 10% and 33% of the job depending on the project size.

STEP 5. We build your dream remodel.

Our cheerful team shows up at your home and sets up in the remodel area. We are very careful to protect your home as we do so. This includes setting up dust protection in various forms and staging tools and materials to allow your life to proceed as normally and safely as possible during the remodel.

Our team tidies the site daily and does a deep clean every Friday so you don’t have to be embarrassed to show your friends the project over the weekend.

We answer our phone or return your call within 1 business day before during and after projects. We give you proactive progress updates every week we’re working on your project.

Remodels are not without unexpected surprises, so the question is how to deal with them. Our process tries to identify as many as possible before construction, so that you are already more informed than most before we start. For those items that are only first discovered during remodel, we stop work and put together a change order. This is a document that outlines what came up and outlines several options for how to correct it along with impacts to cost and overall schedule..

STEP 6. Final job walk through & follow up.

We walk through the completed space and make sure everything was completed to your 100% satisfaction.

If you want to throw a party to show off your new space, or just to feed us, this would be the time.

You enjoy your newly remodeled space with peace of mind. If anything comes up after we’ve completed the job, give us a call and we’ll make things right.

Let us show you why Ealy Construction is the leading design & build contractor in the Moscow & Pullman area. Give us a call today for a quick conversation about your ideas for improving your home or business.