I wish we had done it sooner.

When it was time to upgrade a dated master bath, this couple decided to create a luxurious spa retreat in the comfort of their home.


It was really disgusting

“I called it our Billy Idol bathroom because it was built in the 80’s. It had all of those 80s colors, it was really dreadful and dated and it looked terrible. Everything was falling apart.

It was impossible to clean, and after we dug into it we discovered the shower was leaking to boot too.

We decided it was time to upgrade and update, and that was when we contacted Nethaniel and Ealy Construction.”

Copy of Bathroom Remodel

We wanted to keep the space we had but maybe use it more wisely.

“We wanted a soaking tub and a large shower, we wanted light colors, and beyond that we kind of left it up to Nethaniel.

He came in and did a perfect design for us. We’ve got tile all the way to the ceiling so you can clean the whole bathroom in 5 or 10 minutes”

I think we got the best of all worlds…It’s worked out to be exactly what we wanted. 

Nethaniel will give you good ideas. You might have your mind set one way, but get some other options that maybe you haven’t even thought about that might even work better. That’s how ours turned out so well.

Before & After Photos


Master Bath Remodel Photos

NARI 2018 CotY Logo_Res Bath $50k-75k_Regional Winner_Black.png
Copy of Bathroom Remodel
Copy of Bathroom Remodel
Copy of Bathroom Remodel
Copy of Bathroom Remodel

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