When it was time to upgrade from a fixer-upper, this couple decided to build a beautiful new home on the Palouse.


Our last home was a short sale…It was a big fixer upper and one that we did ourselves. We had somebody come into it and they were like “you bought this home?!” …It was nice to have experts do it and do a beautiful job that we couldn’t have done ourselves.

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We did meet some other contractors…when we met with Nethaniel, we felt that he was going to be able to capture the vision and the scope of everything we were trying to achieve.


We absolutely loved working with Nethaniel and Ealy Construction, really all of their crew that ended up coming in either for a day or for the long haul. We really did develop an excellent working relationship with all of them.

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Kitchen, Dining, & Living Rooms

Having Nethaniel there to make suggestions made the project that much better... Little details like our windows, before they would have been these short windows and they wouldn’t have captured the view, or the way our house tilts on our land so you can look out any window and have a beautiful view. We wouldn’t have had that without having somebody who’s thoughtful and valued our opinion.
We can’t complain whatsoever with how things turned out. It’s beautiful, it’s everything we wanted it to be, and we love it.

Master Bathroom

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“We designed the cabinet to be pushed in a little bit so I could stand closer to the mirror and do my makeup… I really enjoy the little details like that where it fits us.”
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My favorite part of the master bathroom is the shower… that was my baby, my design. It’s very simple, it’s open, we have dual showerheads on either side so the doorway is in the middle. We have a nice window so you get the natural light coming in, the nice natural stone not only on the floors but on the sides… it’s one of my favorite places in the house.

Guest Bathroom

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It’s the lighting, it’s the flooring, it’s all the textures and details… they all come together into a beautiful home.

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